Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cookie Weekend!!

This last weekend Kaitlyn and I packed up and headed for Bakersfield for cookie weekend!! I was a long weekend my mom and I had 8 different kinds of cookies to make in 2 days! Saturday we started with sugar cookie Christmas cut outs, Thumbprint cookies, Swedish tea cakes AKA snow balls, and the new cookie we added (that didn't turn out) the peppermint ball. Sunday we made M&M cookies, rosettes, spritz, and Christmas ribbon bars. It took me till Monday night to finish frosting all the sugar cookies. We also had a run in with ants wanting our yummy cookies!

So Kaitlyn helped with one thing and one thing only the whole weekend she helped crush the candy canes. Also I made Kaitlyn my mom and I all matching aprons and they came in very handy!! Anyways we had a lot of fun and the cookies are very yummy so Merry Christmas!!!

Kaitlyn got all dressed up to go sit outside with Papi by the fire pit

The finished product!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Santa Barbara Zoo

Mark actually didn't have to work this weekend (that was a miracle) so we decided to head down to the Santa Barbara Zoo! We had so much fun I just wish the zoo was bigger it took us about an hour to get through the zoo. But Kaitlyn loved seeing all the different animals and telling Mark and I was each one said like the Lion says rawwwwrrrrrr. I took some pictures so here they are.
Mark was trying to teach her how to give a thumbs up it wasn't working lol

I just thought this picture was funny. Well I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First indoor picnic

So I was cleaning the house today and as I was folding up one of our throw blankets Kaitlyn said she wanted the blanket on the floor so I gave it to her and then I saw her having a hard time trying to spread the blanket out so I helped her out and spread the blanket then she ran around the house gathering up her doggies and puppy and "mouse" aka Mickey Mouse and none other than Luke Skywalker and she placed them on the blanket and went to go get her play food and started to have a picnic and these are the pictures I got of her little picnic!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things BUGGING me in my life!!!

So this week has been a crazy one for bugs in my life lol.

I was outside one evening and I saw this
He was hanging out above our garbage cans in the backyard this guy (or girl not really sure what kind of spider this is) is freaky looking and so big!!! I'm glad Mark takes the trash out hehe.

Then today I come home from my Dr.s appointment I put Kaitlyn down for her nap, I settle down on the couch to watch some tivo'ed shows that I need to catch up on and I hear a buzzing noise and I look at the window that's behind the TV and there is a HUGE bumble bee (at least that's what I think it is) now I have a new fear of bee's ever since I was stung by one at Disneyland earlier this year so I froze and called Mark he told me to kill it I told him that wasn't possible I was too freaked out so I tried to trap it inside of the blinds well he got out some how and ended up on the blinds by my computer and I had no idea he was staring at me plotting my death I tell you!!!
So I call my Dad he didn't answer I called my Mom she told me to man up and kill it. Next thing I know the bee is on the floor and I yell for Kaitlyn to take the dog outside I grab a shoe and run yelling at the bee and start beating the thing to death afterwards I was so shaky but now I can sit in my house without thinking a bee is going to kill me at any minute. Here is a picture of the bee!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night!

So we had a great Halloween! Kaitlyn got to trick-or-treat 3 times once at Marks work, then down at the Village of Arroyo Grande (AKA downtown type area) and around a friends neighborhood. She would walk right up to the person hold her bag out and say "coocoo treat!!!" her trick-or part was not quite there but cute none the less. The funny part is we didn't teach her that she needed to hold her bag out she did that all on her own. Everyone was giving her extra candy because she was so cute and said she was the only one in her age range that was actually saying trick-or-treat and then saying thank-you after she got her candy.

We were also invited to a Halloween party at Mark's bosses house. Kaitlyn got to trick-or-treat around their neighborhood and she just loved it she marched right up to the houses all by herself and got her loot and came back to mom and dad to show off her treasure it was pretty cute. After the trick-or-treating we went back to Mark's bosses house and ate some food and the kids played. All and all a very good first trick-or-treating Halloween!!
Oh and I need to apologize the pictures are from Mark's cell phone we forgot our camera ::oops::
She wanted to show off all the candy she got so far!

Kaitlyn and daddy checking out all the candy. (Who do you think is going to eat more of the candy Mark or Kaitlyn? haha)
The day after Halloween Kaitlyn and her friends went to Avila Valley Barn again to take pictures wearing their Wizard of OZ costumes so here are a few of those.

From Left to Right: Ryan as Dorothy, Dixon as the Tinman, Jojo as the Scarecrow Bottom Left: Grayson as the Lion and Kaitlyn as Glynda the good witch of the North.

After the group picture was done Kaitlyn wanted the big skirt off so she got to run around looking like a ballerina I got a picture of Kaitlyn and Ryan skipping off toward the pumpkins.

And this was my favorite picture of the day.
Well I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and I hope to see my family at Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Terrible!!

I mentioned in an email I sent to my family that my uncle has a blog and I totally for got to add the url so here it is http://www.randyphillips.net/ although his is much cooler than mine but I'm still learning. So Uncle Randy I apologize I didn't have the URL in the email I hope I am forgiven now hehe.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Carved Pumpkins

Sunday Mark Kaitlyn and I went to go get pumpkins one for each of us. And Monday night we carved them!! It was so fun watching Kaitlyn reach into the pumpkin and touch the "guts" for the first time I thought she was be totally grossed out but she loved it!! We didn't get to the carving part until her bed time but I asked her if she wanted a happy face or scary face on her pumpkin and she said scaaaarrrryyyy just like that lol. So Mark carved hers for her and I love!! love!!! how they turned out Marks isn't done yet but it's pretty good as is if you ask me.
Here she is digging into her pumpkin with a spoon wearing her witch hat!

This was her reaching in and getting the "guts"
Kaitlyn posing with the pumpkins! Isn't she quite the Vanna (I hope that's how you spell her name lol)

From left to right: Marks pumpkin AKA Frankenstein, Middle is Kaitlyns, and last is Mine AKA scared of Marks haha.

And last but certainly not least is Kaitlyn sitting with her pumpkins, we went to a farm and I carved her name in one and our last name in the other when they were still green and as they grew it became part of the pumpkin and here they are!

So can you tell that I like to blog now? hehe I'm just glad I can share the fun stuff with my friends and family!! Love you all!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Halloween house

So I finally got around to getting the rest of my Halloween decorations up on the house. I will probably buy more once Halloween gets closer haha shhh don't tell Mark. So I took some pictures of the house all lit up tonight so I thought I would share sorry if they are a tad blurry taking night photos is harder than it looks lol.

This is with the flash on

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Carnival!

So today was the Halloween carnival with my moms group and my friend Meegan and I made the kids costumes and we thought the Wizard of OZ was the perfect theme. So Meegan's son Jojo was the scarecrow and Kaitlyn was Glynda the good witch of the north our friend Rin's daughter Ryan was Dorothy and 2 other little boys were the tin man and lion but they didn't make it to the carnival because of ear infections.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Pumpkins at the Barn!

On Sunday my parents were in town and Mark and I took them to Avila Valley Barn. They have animals you can feed, a hay ride, homemade ice cream, shopping, and tons and tons of pumpkins!!

Here is Mema and Kaitlyn looking at the goats.

I decided to have a photo op with my girl since I'm usually the one behind the camera.

Kaitlyn just had to wear her witch hat but it looks cute!

Mark and Kaitlyn were playing on the big pile of hay it was very squishy.

Then it was time for the pumpkins and the pumpkin pictures. So here are the cute ones and the silly ones.