Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Airplane ride!!

Tomorrow Kaitlyn and I are leaving for Las Vegas to attend my cousin Kevin's wedding and we are flying out of Santa Maria for one major reason I do NOT want to be in a car with Kaitlyn for 6 straight hours and the flight only take an hour so this is her first trip on an airplane and it's her first trip to Vegas so I hope to have lot of pictures to share when we get back wish us luck!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I was on facebook and I found this picture that someone posted. It's a picture of my promise ring ceremony at my church when I was either 13 or 14 can't remember which. Anyways I just had to post the little section that my mom, dad and I are in. You can't really see me cause I have my head turn but here it is!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Elephant seals

On Wednesday Kaitlyn and I went with couple of our friends to go see the elephant seals. Every year between December and March the elephant seals come to the beaches in San Simeon and the females give birth and then the females and males "mate" and let me just tell you I saw a couple of the seals "mating" and the males are SO aggressive I kinda felt bad for the females plus they JUST gave birth! So here are a few pictures from our fun day!
This shows only half the beach and it was pretty much covered with the Elephant Seals!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Kaitlyn and I went to Disneyland this week with a couple of our friends. We had a blast Kaitlyn actually wanted to get her picture taken with the characters and get a few autographs it was so cute and very fun!! So here are a few pictures from the few days we were there.
Kaitlyn and one of the fairies from the Tinker Bell movie
Kaitlyn and Tinker Bell

Kaitlyn getting an autograph from Mickey Mouse
Kaitlyn getting an autograph from Cinderella
Kaitlyn LOVES the Toy Story movies and she got to meet Woody it was so cute Woody gave her a big bear hug and then Kaitlyn kissed him on the cheek

Kaitlyn getting an autograph from Minnie Mouse

Goofy used Kaitlyn's head as a table to autograph her book

Kaitlyn getting an autograph from Pluto

Kaitlyn getting an autograph from Prince Phillip

Kaitlyn with Wall-E

Kaitlyn in front of the N that is part of the word CALIFORNIA in front of Disney's California Adventure. I choose the N for our last name.

And now for some big news Mark and I are buying our first house in Atascadero. We just found out that the bank accepted our offer on Thursday we are very excited!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas 2008

OK first I have to apologize since this is really late but better late than never right?

We had a great Christmas Kaitlyn was very into it this year which made my Christmas right there. Here are a couple pictures of the Christmas tree and the presents on Christmas eve.
Kaitlyn got A LOT of toys this year and is spoiled rotten but that's OK it was fun to see her open up all of her gifts from mommy and daddy, mema and papi and santa.

Here are a couple of pictures of her new train set and her dinosaur "rawr" Kaitlyn named him rawr.

Last but not least here are 2 pictures of Mark and Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn and I we for some reason didn't get a family picture. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cookie Weekend!!

This last weekend Kaitlyn and I packed up and headed for Bakersfield for cookie weekend!! I was a long weekend my mom and I had 8 different kinds of cookies to make in 2 days! Saturday we started with sugar cookie Christmas cut outs, Thumbprint cookies, Swedish tea cakes AKA snow balls, and the new cookie we added (that didn't turn out) the peppermint ball. Sunday we made M&M cookies, rosettes, spritz, and Christmas ribbon bars. It took me till Monday night to finish frosting all the sugar cookies. We also had a run in with ants wanting our yummy cookies!

So Kaitlyn helped with one thing and one thing only the whole weekend she helped crush the candy canes. Also I made Kaitlyn my mom and I all matching aprons and they came in very handy!! Anyways we had a lot of fun and the cookies are very yummy so Merry Christmas!!!

Kaitlyn got all dressed up to go sit outside with Papi by the fire pit

The finished product!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Santa Barbara Zoo

Mark actually didn't have to work this weekend (that was a miracle) so we decided to head down to the Santa Barbara Zoo! We had so much fun I just wish the zoo was bigger it took us about an hour to get through the zoo. But Kaitlyn loved seeing all the different animals and telling Mark and I was each one said like the Lion says rawwwwrrrrrr. I took some pictures so here they are.
Mark was trying to teach her how to give a thumbs up it wasn't working lol

I just thought this picture was funny. Well I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!