Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cookie Weekend!!

This last weekend Kaitlyn and I packed up and headed for Bakersfield for cookie weekend!! I was a long weekend my mom and I had 8 different kinds of cookies to make in 2 days! Saturday we started with sugar cookie Christmas cut outs, Thumbprint cookies, Swedish tea cakes AKA snow balls, and the new cookie we added (that didn't turn out) the peppermint ball. Sunday we made M&M cookies, rosettes, spritz, and Christmas ribbon bars. It took me till Monday night to finish frosting all the sugar cookies. We also had a run in with ants wanting our yummy cookies!

So Kaitlyn helped with one thing and one thing only the whole weekend she helped crush the candy canes. Also I made Kaitlyn my mom and I all matching aprons and they came in very handy!! Anyways we had a lot of fun and the cookies are very yummy so Merry Christmas!!!

Kaitlyn got all dressed up to go sit outside with Papi by the fire pit

The finished product!!


Randy said...

Yummy! Is my care package on the way?

Mrs. Schmalison said...

You made those aprons?? I didnt know you sew.

Shirley said...

Those cookies look good enough to pull them right out of the picture. Yummy!!! Great pictures of Kaitlyn doing her "job". And in her Eskimo coat...darling. I'll bet you guys were exhausted after that weekend. By the way.....thanks for the new posting on your blog.

Lindeyjepson said...

thats super ambitious way to go!